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Who is "Global Business Data"?

Global Business Data ( We are a dominant player in the Business list industry with over 300+ million B2B contacts & moreover, we are in this business for the past 17 years and have fulfilled thousands of customers marketing needs with our email lists we decided to create this website and make our products available to everyone with affordable price. We have since grown to be the largest online marketing data retailer with over 10,000+ targeted products.

Where Does Your Data Come From?

Our data comes from a variety of publicly available, Tradeshows, Conferences, Organizations, Industrial Associations and partner data sources that are compiled and aggregated by GlobalBizData.

Is Your Data "Verified"?

Data is updated daily, but in most cases any given record will have been updated and/or verified within the last 90 days.

What is a Guarantee?

We maintain the accuracy and quality of our database with strict rules we follow. We claim an accuracy rate of 85% on the emails you receive and above 95% on other data elements. If the bounce back rate is more than 15%, we will replace the bad emails with fresh one or would refund you on pro-rata basis. We are confident about our lists and things will not go that far.

How Will My Data Be Delivered?

Once you have placed your order and payment has cleared our account, data will be delivered in between 2 hours or less than 12 hours. But sometimes it will take up to 24 hours (Mostly during weekends, festivals, holidays, non-working hours). And probably for the Wire Transfer or Card payments orders are been process quickly like in 2 hours or 4 hours Max.

What fields are included in the database?

With GlobalBizData Process you receive all contact information. Below is a table that shows exactly which fields have been included in the lists such as:

Company Name, Web Address , Full Name, Job Function, Mailing Address, Telephone Number, FAX Number, Number of Employees, Revenue, SIC Code, Industry, Verified Email Address,

Are your Email addresses permission-based?

Our data is CAN-SPAM compliant. We collect data from reliable sources, which take legal permission for sharing data to third–party marketers.  

What If I Have Problems With My Order?

If you've purchased contacts that were rejected because of invalid email addresses, send us your bounce reports and we'll give a new contact for replacement.

How can I pay for my list?

We can choose from multiple method of payment:

Paypal (online secure payment platform)

Credit cards

Bank Transfer

Order by phone

What about the refund? Do you have any return policies?

We do not have any refund or return policies. We provide accurate, verified and validated data and if you face any problems with regard to the data, you can contact our customer service executive any time.